Evangelism Initiative

Team Toolbox

Jesus Built a Team to Build His Church

"Let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds." Hebrews 10:24

Team Discussion Resources

Different books will work best with different teams and individuals.  

Notes below will highlight some characteristics of these tools. 

  • If the author comes from a different doctrinal perspective/practice than your church, then please utilize those situations for group discussions and reflections.
  • If you have found a great team resource that is not listed, please let us know.
  • Book's Author:  Sam Chan (2020)

    Tool description:

    • Simple, practical book (8 chapters + conclusion + resources) - Each chapter is an Evangelism Tip
    • Tool/template to help team members refresh and craft their personal testimony
    • For additional related discussion items, the leader might want to read the textbook Evangelism in a Skeptical World
  • Book's Author:  Michael Frost (2016)

    Tool description:

    • Simple, short book (8 chapters) - Group discussion questions for every two chapters
    • BELLS Challenge (Bless, Eat, Listen, Learn, Sent) and DNA Accountability Form (Discipleship, Nurture, Accountability)
  • Book's Author:  Randy Newman (Second Edition 2017)

    Tool description:

    • Practical conversational tool (13 chapters + small group discussion questions)
    • Designed to help people think about other people, their questions, and the message
    • Covers both questions Christians can ask and questions non-Christians may be asking
    • The Master Plan of Evangelism by Robert Coleman - classic book that will emphasize the value of team
    • God & the LGBT Community: A Compassionate Guide for Parents, Families, and Churches by Janet Boynes
    • The Doubters' Club by Preston Ulmer
    • Conspiracy of Kindness by Steven Sjogren
    • How (Not) to Save the World: The Truth About Revealing God’s Love to the People Right Next to You by Hosanna Wong
    • How to Revive Evangelism: 7 Vital Shifts in How We Share Our Faith by Craig Springer - basis for starting Alpha Groups
  • Multifaceted Team Development

    A great team will bring a variety of perspectives. What backgrounds are represented on your team?  What generations are represented on your team? How well do you know the differences between the generations?

    The 5 Generations of Your Church and Community:

    • Traditionalists born before 1945
    • Baby Boomers 1946-1964
    • Gen Xers 1965-1980
    • Millennials 1981-1998
    • Gen Z 1999-2019

    * Cuspers represent people who have characteristics of two generations and were born in between those generations.

    Resource Book: Sticking Points - How to get 5 generations working together in the 12 places they come apart. By Haydn Shaw

  • Prayer Tools

    Praying together and independently may make the biggest impact in this season. 

    Prayer Pathways

    Churches often utilize the same prayer pathway/guide for months at a time. The prayer guide examples below are designed for verbalized group prayer. The typical format is for the leader to set up the prayer by reading portions of the passage, giving people a short moment of personal prayer, and then the group praying verbally through each point (or the points the leader has chosen for the day).  Each of these points are designed for prayer to:

    1. First, thank God for His revelation
    2. Secondly, make requests based on that revelation.
    The plan is for the team to work through the designated points, one-by-one, together in a prayer of unity.  At the close of the prayer time, the leader should take time to REFLECT and allow the team members to BRIEFLY share in 1 sentence what the Lord has revealed/highlighted during the prayer and the group to pause and pray over those revelations.

    People can also utilize these guides during their personal devotional time.

  • Sharing Tools

    • You Were Seen cards for giving to others (i.e. servers with a large tip...leads them to a web page)
    • Church Invite Cards
    • Utilize "tracts" with care - these tools are often only as effective as the relationship.
    Evangelism Websites to use with non-believers: