Welcome to Advancement

Advancing Leaders and Teams

We are all on a journey.  The Lord has a path forward for you, your team, your work, and His church.

We believe that you are meant to advance.

Evangelism Initiative

Advancing God's Love to Your Community

The Lord has a plan to help you seek and save the lost in your local community. Our challenge to you, is to be intentional about discovering the Lord's strategy for your unique church and community. Our goal is to help you with resources, and even the Advancement Grant, to accomplish His mission.

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The Advancement Podcast

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The Advancement Podcast is primarily designed for church and ministry leaders. Our host, Todd Barham, and lead consultant, Tim Ware, along with topical experts share practical ways to advance your ministry, church and team. You can stream from this site or listen on your favorite podcasting platform.

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Coaching & Consulting

For Forward Movement

As leaders, we are always working to determine the right path and steps forward. The Advancement team of coaches and consultants are here to help you, your team, your church, or your business become all that you are called to be.

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For the Next Level

Leaders often see the value of an outside voice to help expedite the training of staff and volunteers. We offer on-site, on-demand, and virtual training options. We customize our training, as much as possible, to fit your specific needs. We also host training journeys for leaders and churches.

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