Advancement Strategy


Clarifying Direction, Initiating Action, and Reaching God's Destination

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Missionary Coaching
  • Fundraising Coaching
  • Team/Staff Coaching
  • Organizational Coaching


Assessing Reality, Defining Strategy, and Recognizing God's Destination

  • Church Consultations
  • Multi-site and Church Planting
  • Vision Development
  • Vision Campaigns
  • Intentional Interim for Church

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It takes new information, new thoughts, and new behaviors to reach the next level.

  • Church Health Cohorts

    Leaders Advancing Together

    There are no easy answers, no quick fixes, no "one size fits all" solutions for church health or growth. But there is a pathway and pattern to health and growth. Jesus said that He would build His Church, and we believe that starts with you. Journey together with other leaders for eight monthly training sessions through our partnership with Church Life Resources to expand, strengthen, and reach new heights. Not only will you experience growth through the Church Life Regional Cohort, but your church may too. 

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  • Staff and Volunteer Training

    Pastors often see the need for an outside voice to expedite training of staff and volunteers. We offer on-site and live stream video training on a variety of topics in both a one-time and multiple session format customized to best meet the need of your local congregation. 

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