Outreach Resources

Jesus made the harvest a priority when he walked the earth. Upon his departure he made it a priority for the Body of Christ that remains. At Advancement, we believe that healthy churches, leaders, and believers are passionate about the harvest. It is a priority for us to provide resources to advance the church's mission to reach the harvest.

  • REach 4 Evangelism Strategy

    What would happen if an intentional planting, watering, and harvest seasonal cycle was in place in your church?

    How can you help the people in your church develop intentional relationships to reach their neighbors?

    Reach4 - Community Friendship Evangelism Strategy

  • 11ThirtyChallenge

    Pastors across the U.S. and world speak about the struggles of helping their congregations being concerned with reaching people for Christ. 

    The 11ThirtyChallenge originates in Proverbs 11:30, "...he wins souls is wise." The 11ThirtyChallenge is designed to be a tool for leaders to use to help there people have a daily reminder to give time, share life, and win souls.

    To avoid the daily component becoming "white noise" we recommend that it be used seasonally. It is an excellent fall resource that can be ended on 11/30 (November 30) with an intentional act of sharing life to win the lost. 

    We also recommend this as a social media connection for your church. Congregants can be challenged to post "I took the #11thirtychallenge."

    Promotional graphics are included for use by churches.

    11ThirtyChallenge.pdf    11thirty Graphic 1.png.     11thirty Graphic 2.jpg