Offering Talks

Pastors find that 90 - 120 second intentional talks related to giving regularly teach generosity and increase giving without the need to be overbearing. Advancement gathers and provides offering talks at no cost to pastor for download. 

"I have experienced personal growth in my pastoral leadership abilities and our church has experienced healthy growth. Following our church consultation we have been able to develop a more focused, team-process plan for where we need to go as a church. We have a more intentional development process for leadership. And, along with a steady numeric growth, we have experienced more than a 50% increase in giving." -

Pastor Curtis, North Texas

  • Automatic Door

    Using a video of a man missing the automatic door, this offering talk connects the truth that tithing opens up the blessings of Heaven for those who give. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Automatic Door.

  • the Bystander Effect

    There is a social phenomenon scientists call the "bystander effect." This offering talk connects this phenomenon to the story of Widow's Mite in Mark 12. This offering is written with a specific emphasis on missions but can be edited for any situation. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, The Bystander Effect.

  • Generosity

    By connecting a true story of a woman's trips to Wal-Mart to Deuteronomy 15, this offering talk confronts the idea that we as believers should live generous lives. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Generosity.

  • Giving Trust

    The parents of every teen learning to drive will understand the tension related in this offering talk. Connecting this illustration to Luke 16 and how our giving proves us trustworthy in similar ways to the parents learning to trust their young drivers. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Giving Trust.

  • nail in the tire

    We've all had a slow leak in a tire at one time or another. Combining this thought with Proverbs 13, this talk relates the idea of dwindling resources according to the scripture. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Nail in the Tire.

  • Pockets of giving

    In the development of offering talks and conversation about giving and stewardship it is important for pastors to understand that people give from different perspectives. Rather than being an offering talk, this list has been generated and used by leaders for more than a decade in understanding and communicating to congregants. Click Here to view and download the Pockets of Giving.

  • Secret giving

    Many people like to say that their giving is private. In the sermon on the mount Jesus said that was is done in secret will be revealed in the light. It's ok for giving to be private, but your public walk of faith will eventually reflect all that you do in secret, including your giving. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Secret Giving.

  • treasure

    In Matthew, Jesus famously says that where our heart is, there our treasure will be. This talk applies this truth to the way that we approach giving and stewardship. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, Treasure.

  • When love comes home

    Christian musician Matthew West wrote the song "When Love Comes Home" about war veterans returning home. This offering talk is written with the sacrifice that veterans and their families make, it is excellent for a Veteran's Day service. Click Here to view and download the offering talk, When Love Comes Home.

  • Christmas - Santa Claus

    In the commercialized Christmas season, this offering talk connects the giving spirit and the faith heritage of the inspiration for Santa Claus. This short version of the story of St. Nicholas connects people to the spirit of giving. Click here to download the Christmas time giving talk.

  • The Christmas STory

    The Gospel of Matthew records the gifts that Jesus received to celebrate his birth. This story from Matthew 2 holds significance as the inspiration for this being the reason we give gifts at Christmas. But, the gifts also carry significance. This offering talk quickly shares these truths as an inspiration to connect to being generous. Click here to get this offering talk for the Christmas season.