Crisis Resources

For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.

2 Timothy 1:7

  • tools to create an online service

    If you are new to Online services, then the simplest thing may be to just get a Free Conference Call number and have everyone call in at service time for a word of encouragement.  You can even record the session for people to call in and listen later.

    Facebook Live is also a simple way to share your message with your church family.

    But CREATING AN ONLINE SERVICE may be easier than you think.  

    You can create a digital bulletin that allows families to simply walk through the service.

    Let Tim walk you through the creation of an online service tool:

    Elements can also be combined into a single playlist.

    Additional Helpful Links:


    There are lots of resources online.  Simply search online, YouTube, or Pinterest for the topic you are looking for.

    Complete online Kids' Services

    No Fear Lesson - Highvoltage Kids

    Kid’s Resources

    Kid’s Spotify Playlist

    High Voltage Kid’s Livestream

    Toybox Tales

    Youth Resources - LC Open Network

  • Leading Forward through Instability

    How do you lead forward when you have no idea what is coming?  Pause for a few minutes and walk through a list of some FORWARD thinking tools.

  • Opportunities - Spiritual Life, Ministry, Discipleship

    Help people connect to God in fresh new ways.
    • Increase Devotional Life - Regular phone/video/chat groups for prayer and/or Bible Study.  Tools: Free Conference call lines, Zoom (Free for one-on-one or groups of <100 for 40 minute sessions, plus additional paid options), Facetime, Skype
    • Teach a Bible study method or pick a YouTube example (i.e.  S.O.A.P.) and let groups virtually gather and discuss
    • Pick a Bible Study on the YouVersion Bible App (Adult and Kid apps)
    • Declare a Fast concerning the pandemic or a specific prayer time (i.e. 11:30 – Prov.11:30)
    • Create or utilize a prayer model/guide for church to pray together in this season
    • Create or utilize family bible studies and activities for parents to do with their kids (resources available on YouTube, Pinterest, LC Open Network, Toybox Tales, etc.)
    • Begin planning for the possibility of a virtual Easter – what could families do for themselves and even their immediate neighbor?
    • Discipleship partners/groups – online or by phone – work through a study together
    • Take the time to do online training or teacher meetings
    • Use this time to write or refresh job descriptions
    • Continue ministry groups virtually or send resources

  • Opportunities - Spiritual Community

    Help people connect to each other as the Family of God and the Body of Christ.

    • Recruit a care/communication team for the season (and possibly beyond) – a simple system could be to select a care person from within each ministry/class/group and ask them to connect and communicate at least weekly
    • Create a team to communicate and check on seniors, widows, and people who have visited the church in the last six months.  Even old fashioned “phone trees” might be a tool in this season
    • Small gatherings for a time together may be an option, but consider all current CDC advisement and protocols. Rotation of groups would also not be advised.
    • Assess resource and financial needs of church members who are out of work and how to help with that pressure
    • Virtual Book Club discussion group
  • Opportunities - Outreach

    This is a time when we as the Church should be sharing Hope, Life, and Light!
    • Encourage church members to adopt and invest in their own neighbors in this season – message, call, connect, post on community page or create a group, pick up store items, deliver food, babysit for working parents, bring resources for kids, and encourage those who are isolated and alone
    • Home-schooling parents may need reinforcements and encouragement
    • Connect with mayor, city leaders, school and see what needs can be met
    • Volunteer for community needs – Meals on Wheels, school food distribution, etc.
    • Create a community book club or virtual workshop – music, art, kids, learn a new language, craft
    • Prayer for people in community - Community online or phone in prayer point – where could locals share their prayer needs – “We Love our City” campaign.  Prayer appointments where you call them and pray over their needs.
    • Drive though Prayer – through a closed car window or Plexiglas wall * Abide by CDC guidelines.
    • Be extra cautious about what is posted on the church Facebook pages – the world is watching your wording.  Let them see light, life, wisdom, and encouragement.
    • Use this time to inspect your web presence and communication through the eyes of the lost and unchurched – website and Facebook page, etc.
    • Don’t forget your missionaries – all over the world they are also facing the pandemic and may need your consistent support even more than ever (both world and U.S. Missions).  Those who are itinerating have lost their services and appointments, consider letting them share a "missions minute" virtually with your online service format
  • Leadership and Management

    Use this season to build your team and work together at new levels

    • Online teams working together on current and future projects - Tools:  Slack, Microsoft Teams, etc.
    • Leadership development – invest intentional time into developing leaders – great time for your team members to read, listen, learn and discuss with you how to implement what they are learning
    • Online training sessions, working through a book together
    • Utilize this season to test new leaders and workers in temporary teams (i.e. care, calls) for the season (now until June)
    • Work on planning for the possibility of an online Easter expression.
    • Work on the calendar/sermon series planning for the 2020-2021 church year with a virtual team
    • During change seasons it is easier to make additional changes? What has been needed to change that might could be moved forward at this time?
    • Make sure online giving platforms and mail in options are communicated to the church family in a way that won’t be misinterpreted by the outside community.  If you don’t have online giving, now is a great time to set that up:




      Paperless Transactions

    • Revisit the church budget and plan for a tighter budget for a season
    • This is when you are thankful that you took the time to create an emergency fund. If you didn’t, then let’s make sure that project is in the new plan for the future
    • Communicate to your church family how the church is helping and providing funds in this season.
    • Make sure your practices are in line with the current CDC guidelines.
    • Utilize a decision-making model to make sure that the decisions are the best for the season.
    • Facilities – leverage the time that the building is unoccupied:
    • What needs to be painted? Touch-up paint?
    • What needs to be cleaned and cleaned out?
    • A few people can work on various projects - cleaning out closets, attic, storage, kitchen, etc.
    • Refresh and rearrange
    • Small construction and repair projects may also be useful at this time
    • Cleaning the carpets in the sanctuary or rooms
    • Repaving or striping the parking lot.