Church Consultations

Individual Church Consultation (ICC) - This is a process that consists of a Church Life consultant team spending a three day health diagnostic weekend at the church, the development of a year Strategic Plan for advancement, and a year of coaching to walk alongside the church.

The church consultation process could be compared to an individual going to the doctor for a checkup. Sometimes the results are “You’re generally in good health, but here is an area that you could work on to advance your health to the next level.” Other times, you might hear, “Our tests have revealed what is happening, and here’s what we need to do.” We believe that a periodic wellness exam is beneficial to all of us, individually and as church bodies.

Multisites & Church Planting


Vision Development

Vision Retreats and Leadership Retreats provide incredible environments for churches to advance and develop its leaders, vision, and advancement path. Outside facilitators provide a neutral prospective that allows increased positive traction.

The Advancement Team specializes in the facilitation/teaching in regards to team building and development of a Vision Team. Vision teams serve as advisory teams to a pastor for a predetermined season in the area of clarifying values, vision, and/or mission. They are especially effective in the post ICC (Individual Church Consultation) time as part implementing the resulting strategic plan.

Vision Campaigns