Our Mission

Our mission is to advance leaders, teams, and organizations into their God given destiny and fullest potential through spirit led leadership development, strategic planning, and implementation.

As a faith based, nonprofit 501c3 organization, we want to position ourselves so that every leader and congregation can have opportunities to engage professionals whose personal mission is to expand the Kingdom of God through the ministry services and resource developed or provided by our team.

We believe that you were meant to advance, personally, and to advance God's Kingdom.

Advancement Team

The Advancement Team is made up of individuals with decades of ministry experience in a diversity of scopes and settings.  Our team has served in small, medium, and mega churches, and also in rural, suburban and inner city environments.  The Advancement Team is made up of credentialed ministers, professionally trained coaches, and certified consultants. 

Connect with our Team

You are meant to Advance.

Where are you in your journey? Do you need someone pulling the best out of you? Do you need someone who's been down the path and can help you avoid the slippery slopes? Do you and your team need some new information and patterns to go to the next level? If so, we'd love to join you in your journey.