Advancement Resources

Our team is committed to providing quality resources to pastors, leaders, and churches to advance the Kingdom of God.  

Resources change throughout the year.

  • Resources for Leaders during the

    cOVID-19 Crisis

    God's people do not need to walk in fear during this season, but do need to walk in Faith and Wisdom.  Click here for our growing list of resources and opportunities for the Church to bring HOPE to a world that is struggling.

  • Strategic prayer

    Churches and pastors across the world are engaging their churches in strategic visionary prayer as part of their advancement strategy. Churches that activate the "Passionate Prayer" system regularly use prayer models (prayer pathways) to advance specific themes and seasons. Click here for Prayer Models that can be used in strategic prayer initiatives.  These are provided by Advancement as a free resource.

  • Outreach

    Churches across the world are facing challenges in regards to engaging their local harvest. Pastors continue to look for ways to help their congregations engage personally in the harvest. Click here to view and download resources from Advancement.

  • Offering Talks

    Offering talks are 90-120 second Biblically based scripts designed to aid in collecting church offerings. Talking too long about giving is a turnoff to many in today's society. At the same time, giving is a theological principle of scripture. Pastors have found offering talks, such as those provided, create a balance of creativity, solid theology, and time. Click here to view  and download the offering resources from Advancement.